MobiZone – Cars, small rooms, etc.

  • Removes smells, smoke and chemicals
  • Reduces bacteria, viruses and spores
  • Improves hygiene in air and on surfaces
  • Certified safe and proven effective
  • Design for vehicles etc.
  • Clean air everywhere
  • No filters or chemicals
  • Almost maintenance-free – only one lamp change per year


  • Removes cigarette smoke
  • Removing smell from food and cooking
  • Removes odor from animals
  • Removes odors from sportswear
  • Smoke control in smaller rooms

Size: 14 x 8 x 3.7 cm
 0.34 kg
Cord length: 1.8 m


After volume of space. Severe contamination or odor may require a larger model.
MZ-III: vehicles / cargo spaces / wardrobes / smaller bedrooms.

Overall manual


Lamp Replacement


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