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Particles of different sizes float freely in our homes and at workplaces.

These particles we breathe contain allergens, virus, bacteria, mold spores, etc.

The ionized plasma in BioZone units removes very small particles from the inspiratory air. These particles carry allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc.

In the indoor air, there is always a large number of small particles floating around and irritating. Some examples are textile and paper dust, mineral wool fibers, polish from malfunctioned linoleum mats, soot and other particles from fire or engine exhausts, tobacco smoke, mold spores and bacteria. The smallest particles follow the air and can penetrate into the lungs, while the largest tend to get stuck in the nose and throat where they can irritate.
On the particles may be molecules of irritating and volatile substances, e.g. tar substances and allergens. The experience of “dry air” often depends on particles in the air.

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