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Chemicals, particles and / or mold spores are a problem that can be a cause of the increase of asthma and allergies.

BioZone air purifiers quickly improves the indoor environment.

BioZone air purifiers relieves asthma by reducing contaminants, bacteria, viruses, molds and removing particles from the inspiratory air (air you breath). Photocatalysis is today the fastest growing technology for purifying air and water.

Note that a small part of the population may be over-sensitive to ozone, even in very small amounts.
Our products are well below the limit, but if you react by having cough or feeling dry in your throat, you can reduce the use of our products.
For example, clean the bedroom during the day and turn off the unit at night. Then you get clean air before the night, but do not risk being sensitive to the ozone.
This applies to a very small part of the population. Most people only feel good about the small level of ozone we produce in connection with our photocatalytic purification process.
It is the same level as you can find outdoors on a regular sunny summer day.


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