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BioZone prevents spread of infection in health care, in kitchens, in public toilets, in agriculture, in schools, kindergarten, etc.

When bacteria get the conditions to propagate freely in different environments, the risk of infection and bad odor increases.
Bacteria is one of the major problems of healthcare. The spread of infection increases every year and causes major suffering and
increased costs for society.

BioZone stops bacterial growth by ensuring that bacteria cannot reproduce.

MRSA, in particular, spread within and between various healthcare facilities has become one of the biggest healthcare hygienic problems around the world.
It appears that some MRSA strains have characteristics that make them spread more easily than others, but another reason may be lack of hygiene routines.
Once MRSA has been established at a hospital or other healthcare institution, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.
MRSA is now part of the “normal flora” in hospitals in many countries in Europe.

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