Welcome to BioZone

We solve both big and small problems. Our customers are individuals with villas or apartments but also small business, large property companies, county councils and municipalities.

  • We stop and prevent mold and thus the smell of mold.

  • We remove all smells like fire or cigarette smoke, chemical or waste odors.

  • BioZone effectively cleans in homes and offices with environment problems but also in ventilation ducts.

  • We quickly improve the indoor environment in homes, offices, schools, gyms, etc.

Air purification – Latest technology removes pollution and bad smell!

Air is everywhere but is it really good? Make sure that the air you and your children breathe are the best possible. Remove bad odors and reduce the risk of infection! Invest in quality products from BioZone and make sure you have a good indoor environment.

By actively attack contaminants throughout the space, our products prevent uncontrolled bacterial growth, mold growth and break down emissions from, for example, building materials. BioZone uses the latest technology , photo catalysis, to stop pollution and bad odors.

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