AirCare – Public toilets, garbage disposal facilities, cold rooms

Our popular product AirCare has been installed in hundreds of washrooms and toilets. It effectively stops bacterial growth and mold and effectively removes bad odors.

  • Prevents uncontrolled growth of bacteria in the garbage disposal facilities, cold rooms, public toilets, creep grounds and on winds.
  • Saves energy, costs only 20W (save 1000 – 2000 € / year in operating cost compared to a cooling device).
  • Cleans and freshens up the air.
  • Prevents mold growth.
  • Being easy to install and to require a little maintenance.
  • Removes contaminants, viruses, bacteria and bad odors in the air and on surfaces.

Size: 40,1 x 13,1 x 9,1 cm
1,7 kg.

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